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"I was suffering with menopausal problem and was not able cop up with routine. It was something like withdrawing from all my usual activities. Moreover I was feeling lonely always and needed someone's presence. I consulted many physicians but my condition remained the same.


Since the medicines are very dilute, homoeopathic medicines are considered safe and free from serious adverse reactions when prescribed by a qualified and registered homeopath. These medicines can be given in the form of liquid, granules, powder or tablets and are designed to stimulate the body's natural healing forces.A single dose or repeated doses of medicine may be given.
These small amounts of medicine are sufficient to stimulate the body's healing process. Where illness has developed over a long time, several successive medicines may be needed during the course of weeks, months or years.Healing takes place in different ways and reactions to a medicine vary. Sometimes there is an immediate improvement. Sometimes healing begins with an increased feeling of wellbeing, even though symptoms initially remain.
In some cases, old symptoms recur as part of the healing process. Occasionally there is a temporary worsening of the symptoms prior to improvement. You should tell your homoeopath if you have any of these reactions. However, there are no toxic side effects from homoeopathic medicines. Your homoeopath may also work in consultation with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner if necessary.

About the doctor

Lysamma Mathews is a qualified registered homeopath with 18 years' experience in Homoeopathic treatment. She has last served as a Medical Officer for Department of Railway's Homoeopathic clinic in Mysore India. She has graduated from Dr Padiyar Memorial Homeopathic Medical College Cochin India. She served as Resident Medical officer of Kannur District Cooperative Homoeopathic Hospital Chengalai beforetaking charge in Mysore.
She is a life member of the Institution of Homoeopath Kerala (IHK) and a registered member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).