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"I was suffering with menopausal problem and was not able cop up with routine. It was something like withdrawing from all my usual activities. Moreover I was feeling lonely always and needed someone's presence. I consulted many physicians but my condition remained the same.



The first appointment usually lasts one hour to an hour and a half. Your Homeopath might do a physical examination where necessary; however, most of the interview is verbal. During the first interview, the main objective of the Homeopath is to understand the patient and his symptoms in totality– mental, emotional, and physical...

In taking your case, the Homeopath will look for symptoms in your body and also give equal importance to your nature, your feeling and reactions, your dreams, etc. In Homeopathy, each patient is regarded as a sum of his symptoms and his innermost feelings. Since the aim is to understand each person as an individual, the Homeopath looks for things that are most individualistic of the person. In order to properly gather complete information and determine the right remedy, the Homeopath is likely to ask you number of questions related to your symptoms, general health, likes and dislikes, what aggravates or ameliorates the complaint, family history, mental and emotional make up, sleep, dreams etc. Collection of this information gives your Homeopath the knowledge of your personality. This helps your Homeopath to select a precise remedy that helps to initiate healing.

Your Homeopath will also advise diet and life style changes and exercises when and where necessary.

Some of the common ailments for which people prefer Homeopathy at our clinic are

Acute Health problems: (Both children and adults), Cold, Cough, Fever, Ear, Nose and Throat infections, Diarrhoea, Headaches, Flu etc.

Children's Health:

General wellbeing & Immunity, Allergies, Asthma, Teething problems, Skin diseases, Growth related problems, Frequent colds and infections

Women's health:

General Health & Wellbeing, Menstrual disorders, PMT, Hormonal disturbances, Pregnancy support (Pre and post-partum support), Hair loss, Migraine, Anxiety, Stress, Emotional disturbances & Mood swings, Menopausal symptoms, Fatigue, Sleep disorders, Osteoarthritis etc..

Mental Health:

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Brain Fog, Poor Concentration & Memory


Allergies of different origin and affecting different organ systems respond well to Homeopathy. You can use Homeopathy along with other conventional medicines without any difficulty