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Menopausal syndrome

"I was suffering with menopausal problem and was not able cop up with routine. It was something like withdrawing from all my usual activities. Moreover I was feeling lonely always and needed someone's presence. I consulted many physicians but my condition remained the same. I heard about Lysamma through my friend and visited her. After detailed case taking she prescribed the homeopathic medicine. I really got astonished that within four days I have become more active and started leading normal life."
Lynda 52 years

Menstrual problems

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the miraculous power of Homoeopathic medicine. When my daughter started menses it was irregular. She had problems like severe colic, nausea, vomiting, head ache, giddinessetc. when she gets her periods. We consulted Lysamma and she prescribed the homoeopathic medicines. I foundher very normal after taking the medicine. Thanks to you Lysamma, now my family is a good follower of Homoeopathic Medicine.